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A Case for Adult Sunday School

Do you attend Sunday School? Yes, we know it is early. With worship beginning at 10:00 am, that means most adult Sunday school classes start at 8:45 or 9:00 am. For some, Sunday mornings are the one day a week they can make a slow start and relax while drinking some coffee before heading off to worship. So why should you get up early and attend Sunday school? Here is my case for coming out on Sunday morning.

One of the best things about our Sunday school is that our classes take a deep dive into scripture. While the Sunday sermon is essential, it has its limits. Our adult classes take a deep study of scripture. Sometimes they focus on a book of the Bible or, other times, a topic, but it is scripture centered. Our classes explore and consider details that might be missed in your own devotional reading. Sunday school allows us to dive in and explore God's word, the basis for our faith and actions as Christians.

Secondly, Sunday school gives you community. Our classes aren't just about learning but being part of a community of believers learning and living out their faith. It allows you to build friendships and connections with fellow believers that extend beyond the classroom and learning experience. These are the people that will be praying for you when you are sick, celebrating the joys in your life, and providing support when things get tough. The community will also allow you to support and care for others.

You have a unique opportunity when you dive deeply into scripture and have a supportive community. You can ask questions that might be uncomfortable in any other setting. You get to try out your thoughts on others. You get to help others as they try out their thoughts and interpretation of scripture. Sunday school also allows you to help guide where the class goes next. Our teachers are always open to hearing what you want to study and learn.

If you are not part of a Sunday school class, I encourage you to try it. We have several classes, and they love visitors.

See you Sunday morning at Sunday School!

-Pastor William


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