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Christmas (Music) is Coming

The next concert in our Series is set. On Sunday, December 3, at 5:00 pm., the Oldham Community Band under the direction of Brad Rogers, will be here to energize our Christmas spirit. They always entertain and inspire us with Christmas carols, old and new.

We need to be ready to welcome many visitors, and so we must plan ahead. I hope you will find a task you are able and willing to do; here are some things I’ve thought of:

1. Plan to attend the concert. When we have so many visitors, we need people to welcome them.

2. Calling on all cooks! We are having food at the end of our concerts, and the menu is-of course!-Christmas desserts. It's time to get the nuts and chocolate, extra sugar and buttermilk, know the drill. Look for sign-up sheets in the vestibule.

3. I’m sure you will hear about decorating the church soon. I’m not in charge, thank goodness, but I’m sure you who have healthy backs and can climb ladders will be extra welcome.

4. Look for brochures and social media posts to share in the coming weeks.

We had about 75 people attend my concert in September, and I was ecstatic. The Band is much better known and has a family following. I would expect around 200 for this one.

- Janice Houck


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