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Next Small Groups

What is the next step in your spiritual journey? The life of a believer is defined in part by change and transformation. Once we put our faith in Jesus Christ and experience his forgiveness, we begin a lifetime of transformation. Some talk about the Lordship of Jesus and how we are called to greater and greater faithfulness in different parts of our lives. Others talk about sanctification, the process of being transformed or made holy. But no matter what it is called, change is just part of following Jesus.

Next Groups are designed to help us not stall or stand still in our faith journey. They help us not become stagnant in our faith and help us make the hard yet necessary changes the Holy Spirit is leading us toward. Christians were never expected to "go it alone" or "pick ourselves up by our bootstraps." From the very beginning, Christians were to live and grow in community. Next Groups help us to grow by being part of a healthy, loving faith community. The group will help you discover what the Lord is uniquely calling you to do next and then help and support you as you take that next step.

Our next steps are always unique and personal. For one person, their next step might be about learning to pray daily. For another, it might be about restoring a significant relationship. Yet others might need to focus on their devotional time and study of scripture. Or it might be a call to a new ministry area in the church or community. We are all different in our journey but need other Christians' support as we take that next step.

Next Groups will help you discover what the Lord is already doing, what the Lord might be calling you to do, and how to take that next step. Not only will you be supported in your journey, but you will learn to support and help others in their journey.

This fall, we will begin Next Group's 101 and introduction to small groups. Pastor William will lead each of the 101 groups. It will be an ten-week commitment starting the week of September 3. Please sign up for a group in the church lobby or by calling the church office.

Next Group's 101 Schedule:

Tuesday afternoon at 11:00 a.m.

Thursday night at 7:00 p.m.

Sunday night at 6:00 p.m.

Join one of these groups and see the impact taking your next step can have!


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